Overview Village Darajat

Geographical Conditions

Crater Darajat located in Padaawas, District Pasirwangi. This attraction has appeal in the form of a crater that produce steam as well as their natural shape of mountains and plantations. Visitors who come to the crater area Darajat can perform the activity tracking tours, enjoy the scenery as well as the study of volcanoes. Today crater Darajat managed by PT. Amoseas in cooperation with PT. Pertamina, with a tenure by PT Perhutani. The total crater Oarajat is about 40 hectares, and visitors who want to do the activity traveled must have permission from the Amoseas. Licensing is dibertakukan because this region is an area of ​​industrial and natural gas hazard. Please Village Darajat bordered by various village among others
- On the northern border with Padaawas
- On the south bordering village Sarimukti
- On the west side adjacent Nature Reserve Area
- On the east with Padaawas

Demographic Overview

Special Aspects
Darajat Crater is part of mountain ranges Papandayan with 2 number of active crater and the 24 wells of steam used by the parties as a force Amoseas Power steam (power plant). The average height of this crater is 1920 meters above sea level, with the general configuration of hilly land and benembah. Facilities that support the activities of Tourism in this region is:
- The parking lot, located in front yard PT.Amoseas main building with a capacity of 20 cars. Please - entrance with fairly good condition intended to keep the industrial area of ​​PT Amoseas well as to control incoming visitors. Signposts direction
- Service information contained at every guardhouse with the conditions and reasonably good service.
To visit the crater Darajat can use, private car or public transport route Tarogong - Pasirwangi at a cost of US $ 3,000 / person. Access roads contained in the crater area Drajat has a width of 5m and length of the course 3 Km. The footpath to the crater has a length of 100 m and 1 m wide road.

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