"The 1st Smart Village in Indonesia."
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About Smartvillage

XL Xmart Village is the transformative, innovative, and effective solution to increase the shared prosperity in Indonesia.
Xmart Village is not just a Corporate Social Responsibilities activities. Neither it is a project. It is a complete Program wich will continue for many years to come.
We start this Program in two potential villages: Ibun Village - Kamojang and Karya Mekar Village - Darajat.

Our Mission

Despite Indonesia rapid & impressive progress, there a number of problems that were preventing Indonesia from achieving its full potential. One of them is on technology adoption by the rural people to improve the whole community quality of life.
There are certainly gaps between people living in the villages and people living in the cities.
Some of them like:
- in villages, people are not aware on how technology can raise th productivity.
- In cities, people are not aware about the new economic potential in the villages such as the new area for
the eco-tourism.

We aim to integrate the majority part of Indonesia which consist of villages with the cities through the Digital Services innovative technology combined under the Xmart Village program

How / The Investment

To close the gap between cities and villages and to implement the XmartVillage program, XL and ITB work to supply a wide variety of the Digital Services portofolio.
- To solve the need for weather information - we have M-Farmers solution. Information on weather prediction
  will be supplied daily via SMS.
- To solve the frustation on electricity shut-down - we have musikkamu where the end user can download the
  music and have their own or even family entertainment and use their mobile devices as the music player.
- To solve the lack of awarness for the endemic trees and fight for the deforestation - we provides the
  integrated web site. The web site also the e-commerce medium for those who would like to adopt the
  endemic trees and donate the money to plant for the trees. On top of it, we have mobile xurveilance. So, the
  growth of the young endemic trees can be observed.
- To solve productivity - we provide m-Banking solution and Automated Meter Reader (AMR) 2 ways and teach
  the user on how to use them.
- To solve the tourism industry - we provide the integrated web site plus the call center.
- To solve the problem in education - we provide the training for elementary kids. For the first program, we
  provide them with the training on how to use Google Translator and Google Search Engine.

XL considers Xmart Village is not just a short term investment. It is a long term program as we believe that we have a special obligation to the country. We have to make all efforts to improve the welfare of Indonesians especially those living in the rural area. We encourage you to participate in this Xmart Village program by contacting us or simply by adopting some of our initiatives such as planting your own endemic trees.

Future Planning

We currently are in the middle of closing phase 1 Xmart Village program. We will continue with phase 2 program and we call it Xmart Village 2.0 program. There are many features under development (FUD) candidates which we consider. We would like to hear more from all of you and please give us any inputs as many as possible. XL as an organization is ready to commit on resources to make this happen. We continue our commitment to innovate and to achieve our Xmart Village mission.

What we do So far

To implement the Xmart Village program, we took a step by step approach.

First, we created a partnership with one of the leading universities in Indonesia: Institute Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Second, we conducated the initial field work to find out what solutions can solve the end user daily problems. Third, we built the solution and assigned the on-field team leader to assist the solution implementation. Majority of the activities were completed in February - March 2014. Then, fourth, we prepare the long term program based on the technology platform and adjusted the program based on the latest finding from the field.

We are glad to share that the Xmart Village program has a very good impact to both social and economic of the people living in these two villages.