Overview Lamajang

Geographical Conditions

Lamajang located in the district of Bandung, Pangalengan. Lamajang bordered by various village among others
- On the North Village Sukamaju
- On the south adjacent to the Village Pulosari
- On the west side adjacent to the Village Sukamaju and Mekarsari
- On the east with the village Cikalong and Tribaktimulya

Demographic Overview

Lamajang has a population of 10,153 inhabitants, consisting of 5103 inhabitants Men, women: 5,050 inhabitants with a number of heads of families: 3.316KK
Lamajang village which has an area of ​​+4016.096 Has. Villagers
Lamajang in general livelihood as follows: farmers, workers, private employees, civil servants, craftsmen, traders, farmers, transport, pensiuanan and others.
Agricultural activities supported by the breadth of areal pertanian both fields and farm land and sufficient water from 7 sungan or water from disposal Swimming Tando hydropower Cikalong

Stone Unique is located in the middle of the reservoir hydropower Cikalong. Shrouded in a mysterious story make this site as a magnet for visitors. It is said that according to the story of locals, this stone was planned to be moved on the idea of ​​Mr. Eon for hydropower development Cikalong . However, after being moved, the stone is actually back again by itself to its original place. Pak Eon Eon proposed to blow up the rock, but the rock Eon fail destroyed. Soon Mr. Eon died for no apparent reason. Therefore, the rock called Stone Eon. Site Eon stone surrounded by a reservoir that can be used as a fishing spot, and also there is a vast field that is often used as centers Lamajang village event.
Traditional House is the only traditional houses were left. There is no renovation at all done on the house. Electricity and all modern equipment forbidden to decorate the house. The house tersebutpun can only be entered in the certain -day. Traditional house behind the forest there is a ban, which should not be entered at all. Trees that grow in the area is prohibited harvested, should only be taken twigs or leaves are falling. Armed with local knowledge firmly held by residents Lamajang, making Lamajang village as a place of beautiful and away from the disaster because of its natural awake.
Garbage Bank is the concept of garbage collection of dried and sorted and has management like banks but that is saved is not money but the garbage. Garbage is saved weighed and were rewarded with a sum of money will be sold at the factory are already working together. While plastic packaging purchased local PKK to be recycled into craft items. The bank's activities in the village garbage lamajang include: dissemination of the environment and the importance of removing waste in place; management of garbage results saved by the public; multiply the waste disposal facility. Future waste bank will conduct results management of a plastic garbage that will be made into a corrugated iron roof. For tours, garbage banks offer the tourists a way of making miniature products such as purse or wallet, so that the tourists can make their own products using materials that have been recycled.
With complete equipment and exciting guide, tourists can be satisfied to enjoy a rafting adventure along the river Cisangkuy. It is provided villa comfortable and reasonably priced. Track is quite challenging due to the current heavy enough. Its trajectory is quite far ± 5km
With a tour guide of Lamajang, tourists can explore the forest in comrade Lamajang, at the foot of Mount Tilu. Forests dense and extensive make areas that are challenging to discover. The path taken around? km with time It takes about 2 hours.
Some of the typical culinary Lamajang include pinco rice, made from banana and served with rice.
The most typical of Lamajang miniature guitar is made of bamboo. Travelers can follow this miniature guitar-making workshop. In addition to miniature guitar craftsmen also produce a variety of accessories, ornaments and furniture.
Travelers can stay with the people, and experience life together village residents Cikondang, Lamajang who still uphold their local wisdom.